Offering integrated solutions

to get you more revenue.

We’re shaking up the industry, approaching consulting differently.

Need change management support or assistance developing a PR strategy? We can do it all. We’ve found it’s best to offer our clients experts in multiple areas instead of limiting ourselves. So you can hire our company for a large project, while also hiring a contractor through us for another department. You’ll get the same quality work, no matter the support.

not sure where you want to start?

There are so many things to consider when trying to hire help for a project. We’re happy to talk to you to discuss your needs and develop a solution that’s the right fit for you. We recognize that what works for one of our clients, won’t necessarily work for another, so rest assured we will listen to what your challenges are and will produce a custom solution to get you where you need to be.

Best Solution For Your Needs

Easy to work with

Whether you’re hiring our company or a contractor for a project, we make working with us easy and fun.


We know being successful is important to the future of a company. At SMC, we operate on a results-driven mentality focusing on the results that matter.

Scalability to fit your needs

We offer our clients a tailored solution that exactly fits their business process needs. We also provide scalable solutions that adapt to the changes in technology and industry needs.

Flexibility to work with you on your terms

We understand that you may be working with a number of decision makers or you’re a start-up and you may need to be flexible with terms. We understand and we’re still here to help.
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